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Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts—Important Update from GSUSA

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts—Important Update from GSUSA

Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented storm that, due to the long stretch of time it lingered over Texas and Louisiana, led to massive flooding and devastation in many communities. Unfortunately, Harvey negatively affected many of our girls and their families, as well as several council colleagues and their loved ones. Many of you have asked how you can contribute to the recovery efforts for our sister Girl Scouts. We have learned when girls have experienced natural disasters like these and are surrounded by recovery efforts, participating in Girl Scouts can be one way to help them, and their families, feel some sense of normalcy. That’s why GSUSA, with the strong support of our National Board, is lifting fundraising restrictions to enable girls to raise money for Girl Scouting recovery efforts at the four impacted councils: Girl Scouts of San Jacinto, Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas, Girl Scouts of Central Texas, and Girl Scouts of Louisiana–Pines to the Gulf. Fundraising efforts will be undertaken with the sole intention of providing membership scholarships to impacted girls. Such scholarships are typically defined as dues, uniforms, credentials (e.g., insignia worn on uniforms), and Girl Scout materials. To contribute to this effort, please go to or text HurricaneHarvey to 41444. You can give to the fund for all four councils, which GSUSA will distribute based on their need, as defined by impacted membership, or you can choose a specific council. Furthermore, the impacted councils remain so grateful for the outpouring of support. However, please note that these councils continue to ask for time to assess and focus on their specific needs and... read more

Upgrade to GSSNV Facebook Accounts

As was announced in a June 2 post to the private “Troop Services” group on Facebook, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada is in the process of upgrading all of our Facebook accounts in an effort to provide better customer service, enhanced security, and improved communication to our members. We would love to take a moment and explain in a little more detail what will be changing, why it is being changed, and what it will mean for all of our valuable members. Why now? As was touched on in the June 2nd post, Facebook is sunsetting groups as they were originally designed; this is especially true for businesses. Groups were originally designed for individuals with a shared interest to share and communicate together in a single location. They were never intended for businesses to use them as a support channel. GSSNV has been receiving increasing pressure from Facebook to stop using the “Troop Services” group as a support channel, but we didn’t have a viable replacement until now. With the recent launch of new Facebook for Business platform, businesses can now create internal accounts for employees to monitor business related pages. They have also finally allowed for business pages to be members of “support” and “community” groups as long as they are a subsidiary of a business’ page. What does this mean for the members? Shortly before August 1, a new business friendly support group called “GSSNV Member Support” will be created as a subsidiary of the main Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Facebook Page ( This will be a private group only available to those with current Girl... read more