Volunteer Concerns

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for the impact you make in our community and on your girls. I am excited to introduce this CEO Blog, and have a platform to help communicate out and gain feedback as we work on different ideas and strategies to help our organization grow and thrive. I have been in the position of CEO for just under two years and there have been a lot of changes in that short time. Recently Robyn Manzini, our Board President, visited several service unit meetings at the same time we have been collecting surveys and gaining input from our volunteers on many topics. As this is my first blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to update you all on some of the major topics that volunteers have voiced concern around and provide answers and next steps.

Questions and Concerns:

Website – many of you have let us know the new website has fallen below your expectations, particularly in regards to the high awards, local patch programs and the like. I completely understand the frustration as we moved into the national platform for websites and have lost traction on what we had on the old website and what was placed on the new website. We are fixing the information deficits and ensuring information is consistent. As we speak with other councils who have also moved to the national platform, we gain more ideas and structure updates to improve our site.  If you have a specific question or feel we are missing something, please do not hesitate to let us know by filling out this online form: Website Form

These are the items which will be added to the website over the summer:

  1. Community Service Opportunities throughout Southern Nevada, for troops and girls
  2. High Award project information and ideas to help support project generation at all levels
  3. Free activities to do with your troop
  4. Destinations/Travel information and links
  5. Clarity for our Form library

Facebook – as we all are immersed in social media, our main platform as a movement is Facebook, for better or worse. Currently, there are Facebook pages for each Service Unit along with a GSSNV page and a Troop Services page. We received many complaints about staff responding on Service Unit pages and also Cyber Bullying among adults. As we roll out a new policies, standards and procedures in August these issues will be addressed along with some updated commitments from all. At the same time, we will address where and which pages staff will respond to questions and/or post information to help the Service Units continue to have the autonomy they would like, yet still be responsive in the 24/7 world.

Promotion of Girl Scouting in the Community – I recognize that as an organization we can do a much better job of promoting the great things girls and Girl Scouting is doing throughout Southern Nevada. I am happy to report that for the first time in 10+ years we have a department only focused on marketing and promotion for GSSNV. This team will focus on highlighting Gold, Silver and Bronze awards as well as elevating awareness about Girl Scouting in our community. With the hope of two things, (1) in a few years the Gold Award is a recognized award and a household name and (2) our movement grows because as we promote Girl Scouting, parents see the importance of volunteering and the need to have their daughters involved.

Staff Changes – I know that has been a concern for many of you as familiar faces have gone and staff with whom you have had long term relationships have moved on. We have had a lot of staff turnover, which is sometimes to be expected with a new CEO, but that does not make the process any less disruptive or difficult. It is my sincere hope as we have completed the major portions of the restructure, these changes will greatly slow down. Please know that staff morale and culture is important to me, I measure staff engagement and other statistics every six months and also receive reviews and feedback from the staff team to ensure we are creating a solid working environment for everyone.

I know the list above does not address all areas of concern, so please feel free to send comments, feedback or questions to me at: Lortenburger@girlscoutsnv.org
At the same time I look forward to continuing this blog, my next post will be more focused on product sales and the outcomes from a recent local product sales focus group.
In addition, many of you have asked to volunteer for different projects or opportunities. Please provide us your information using the following link so we can get you on one of the volunteer teams Volunteer Form

I am also happy to meet with any troop or group for feedback, just email or call to schedule.

There are two things I know about Girl Scouting

  1. We are stronger when we build it together
  2. If we are not the preeminent place for volunteers we cannot be the preeminent place for girls

Thank you all for the volunteering you are doing to help build the next generation of great female leaders and for being part of Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Liz Ortenburger
CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada
702-932-1912 (o)


  1. If I submit a comment here what happens?

    • We will respond to all comments, thank you for asking.

  2. Thank you for your efforts Liz.

  3. I went to investigate volunteer opportunities for Girl Scouts in Nye County. Are there no troops at all in Pahrump? If not, I’d be willing to discuss getting Scouting started here. I enjoyed being a Girl Scout and think the girls in Nye County could REALLY benefit from the programs. Thank you, Liese

    • Hey Liese! Thanks for your comment. I have made case #332976 in our system for you. Someone from our member support team should be reaching out to you soon to assist.

  4. The event of Cookies and Kegs looked like fun. I was not able to attend the event. Is there any chance of buying one of the glasses from the event? They looked awesome.


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