5 reasons to sign your girl up for Girl Scouting today

I’m always inspired when I hear our troop leaders tell us why they decided to get their girl involved with Girl Scouts. Here are some of my favorite reasons troop leaders and volunteers have given me over the years:

  1. “I want to give my daughter every opportunity to succeed.”
  2. “Girl Scouting will help my girl meet new friends.”
  3. “I want to introduce my girl new outdoor experiences, like camping or hiking
  4. “I want my daughter to learn how to give back to her community.”
  5. “I want to spend more quality time with my granddaughter.”

Our troop leaders and volunteers are as diverse as our troops. They are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, big sisters, special family friends and even church mentors. They have many reasons for volunteering, though they all have the same goal: to help their girl learn how to be the best she can be.



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