5 Tips for a Successful 2016 Cookie Season

5 Tips for a Successful 2016 Cookie Season

Happy New Year to all of our girls, parents and volunteers. I am excited that the 2016 Cookie Season is upon us. In the interest of a smooth and stress-free sale, I am sharing my 5 Tips for Cookie Success.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the girls of Southern Nevada. I know the amount of hours and preparation that goes into managing cookie sales and your support does not go unnoticed.

I hope to see you all at the Cookie Kick-Off on January 30th, 2016. I’ll be the one in the dunk tank!

1. Have fun!

This is the time for your girls to really shine! From Daisies to Ambassadors and every girl in between, cookie season allows your girls to work with their friends towards a common goal. Do they want to take a trip to Disneyland or pack their bags for a week at Camp Foxtail this summer? Perhaps they want to see a show at the Smith Center or make a donation to a local charity? Cookie season is a fantastic opportunity to make goal setting fun. Have a group of creative girls? Don’t forget about the Bling Your Booth contest! As a troop leader or parent, if you’re having fun, then your girls will have fun, too.

2. Ensure All Girls are Registered Members

One of the biggest frustrations we hear at cookie time is that SNAP+ rosters are not updating to match your troop. Step one is to ensure all girls in the troop are registered members and the sooner the better. As other councils around the country begin their cookie sales, SNAP+ can slow down and updates may take longer. So, check your troop rosters and register all of your girls. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact the office or your cookie chair for help and support.

Once your girls are registered members, contact the council office to add new girls to SNAP+. Our Product Sales team will add (or remove) all girls. They’ll also issue you a username and password for SNAP+ where you’ll enter your initial cookie order.

3.   Keep Important Dates in Mind
Here’s a quick list of important cookie dates:
  • January 25th: (formerly January 10th): Deadline to enter orders into SNAP+. This allows time to know your booth selections before placing the initial order.
  • January 28th: Service Unit Cookie Managers: Please have your confirmed troop pre-orders in SNAP+. Please inform your individual troops in your service unit the date you are requesting troop initial order information for your review.
  • January 30th: Cookie Kickoff. Register today!
  • February 5th – 7th: Cookies available for pickup at your selected Mega Drop locations
  • February 7th – 11th: Cookie Walkabouts
  • February 12th – March 6th: Cookie Booths
  • February 18th: 10% of initial order amount is due
  • February 18th: Troops can return 5% of initial order
  • February 25th: 20% of remaining balance is due
  • March 3rd: 20% of remaining balance is due
  • March 7th: Council will buy back up to 10 cases at $15 per case
  • March 11th: Final paperwork is due to council
  • March 14th: Final balance and incentive money is due
  • 2 – 3 weeks after the final paperwork is due: Incentive money will be returned to troop account

4.   Build a Support System


Every troop works hard to reach their goals and supportive parents and family members should help make that possible. In addition, your service unit and sister troops are here to support you, too.Are you a new troop leader that’s selling cookies for the first time? Are you a troop leader with questions about SNAP+ or CoCo Direct? Reach out to your dedicated Service Unit team members or our council office for answers to your cookie questions.

 Don’t forget to call cookie 911 at 702-539-5777 for help during booth sales!

For help resetting your CoCo Direct password or creating a new account, please contact ABC Baker directly. They are available by phone 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can reach ABC Baker at: 1-800-853-3730.


5.   Keep Safety Top-of-Mind

 A full list of the Booth Safety Guidelines can be found in the 2016 Family Manual or the 2016 Troop Cookie Manual but always keep safety at the forefront of all product sales.

A few quick safety tips:

  • Girls NEVER sell alone. Girls must always have an adult with them; including Ambassador Girl Scouts. The ratio is a minimum of two adults for every two girls.
  • Parents should know exactly where the girls will be selling cookies and when they will be home.
  • Girls MUST wear a Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout T-shirt or sweater to be recognizable.

Here’s to a fun and successful Cookie Season!

Liz Ortenburger
CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada

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