Cookie Season – Crumbs of Information

Cookie Season – Crumbs of Information
Thank you to everyone who attended our Cookie Kickoff on Saturday, January 30th. With over 840 attendees it was our biggest Cookie Kickoff to date and, most importantly, girls learned the 5 Skills for Girls in a fun and interactive environment. I even got dunked a few times in the dunk tank! A big thank you to the troops who worked each of the stations. You can view an album of photos from the day on our Facebook page.
A big part of cookie season is goal setting. Whether your girl is a Daisy, Ambassador, or a level in between, learning how to goal set and strategize are skills she’ll take with her throughout her education, career, and home life. In last month’s blog post, I blogged my 5 Tips for a Successful Cookie Season. This month, I’ve added a few more tips to the list – everything you need to know to make cookie season as stress free and fun as possible.
Mega Drop – Council location
We look forward to seeing you on Friday February 5, 2016 at your scheduled time to receive your initial cookie order here at the council office. If you need a reminder of your designated time, please go to SNAP+ > My Troop > Schedule Pick-Up Time.
The pick-up process has changed from 2015. A few things to remember:
  • This is a drive-thru mega drop! The driver in each vehicle will be required to stay inside the vehicle at all times. However, if you want to bring a passenger to help count, load or verify cookie counts, that is perfectly fine.
  • Each car will assigned a member of the council staff to be your “cookie walker” to help make sure you are guided through the cookie pick-up areas and coordinate the loading and verification.
  • The driver of the vehicle will remain inside the vehicle at all times with their window down, so they can hear the count and drive to all cookie stations.
  • The mega drop is being held in the empty lot east of the council building. We are requesting that you take Washington Avenue to Mojave and enter where you see the cookie flags on the right hand side (right past the fire station and across from Freedom Park). This will make the flow of traffic less congested for other drivers visiting the area.
  • If you are bringing multiple vehicles, ALL vehicles must arrive at the same time. If all of your vehicles do not arrive at the same time, you will be asked to pull over and wait until they arrive and then we will insert you and your other vehicle(s) back into the queue next to each other.
  • After you drive through all of the cookie stations, you will exit in the council parking lot, where you will receive paperwork, accepting financial responsibility for the cookies you received.
  • As the parking lot will be at full capacity, please find a different location to separate your cookies.
  • You will have 48 hours to report any discrepancies in your count to council.
  • Feel free to stop at the council shop or grab a cup of coffee from our onsite coffee truck!
Cookie 911
If you’re working at a cookie booth and find yourself in need of a cookie refill, call Cookie 911!
The goal of Cookie 911 is to deliver cookies and good cheer from our council staff to our hard-working Girl Scouts and volunteers in the field. A few things to keep in mind before calling Cookie 911:
  • Cookie 911 is for emergency orders only. This is not meant to replace your regular orders or deliver cookies which should be picked up at the council office.
  • We will give our best efforts to deliver needed cookies, but it cannot be guaranteed, due to the time and distance between the Cookie 911 vehicle and your booth location.
  • The maximum request should be 4 cases, provided we have enough in the vehicle.
  • If the 911 crew delivers cookies to your booth, you will be asked to sign a responsibility form, accepting financial ownership for taking the cookies.
  • Cookie 911 operates on Saturdays and Sundays, between the hours of 9:00am – 7:00pm.
  • The cookie hotline number is 702-539-5777. Please give the person you talk to your name, troop number, location, and what cookies you want delivered. Also, you might want to let us know what time your booth closes so we can let you know if we will be able to make it there before it closes.
Thanks for Your Donation receipts

Before heading to your booths, be sure to download and print a few pages of the Thanks for Your Donation receipts. These receipts can be given to any customer that requests a tax receipt, a receipt for purchase of cookies or a receipt for Cookie Share purchases.

Cookie Resources – Website Updates
Looking for the 2016 Troop Cookie Manual? How about the Smith’s Inventory Sheet? What about the Me and My Guy Participation Form? We’ve compiled all of the important cookie resources in one easy-to-find place. You can still find everything on our website under Forms and Documents, but head to the Cookies Resources page for your centralized source for cookie information.
We’ll see you at our Mega Drop this weekend or in our Cookie 911 van. Look for the flashing green light!
Liz Ortenburger
CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada

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