UPDATED: 2018 Week 2 Cookie Update

UPDATED: 2018 Week 2 Cookie Update

Good morning Members!

Before we launch round 2 of cookie booth site location today at noon, here are a few updates on all things cookies:

eBudde Updates

First, we have a team of staff today dedicated to answering all the Product Sales Cases that have been emailed regarding the cookie program.  Please be patient. We are working the oldest requests first to today’s requests and have set as a goal to be caught up with any requests received today by tomorrow morning.

Booth Site Selections

Round 2, opened today at 12 noon.  Please note that we will continue to secure additional booths for the round 3 on Friday, January 26th at 7pm.

We had an excellent suggestion by one of our members this morning.  After the booth sales at your local site, please follow up with a personal visit, or thank you notes from the girls perhaps with a picture of the girls in front of the business and send to the manager. Let’s build some additional good will!

In keeping with the promise and the law, and per the cookie manual, we will not be adding additional rounds for this season, but will bring it to the cookie task force for review in the 2019 season. Please remember, not all booth locations are created equal. Part of the lesson taught through the cookie financial literacy program is how to make the sale, regardless of the location.

Also, we have been doing our best to remove booth site selections outside of a troop’s service unit in round one. If you notice any we’ve missed, that you have not already emailed into customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org, or if there are any new ones from round 2, please send one email to customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org. We will have these removed before the final round begins.

As a reminder from a previous Facebook post, here is the schedule for the remaining rounds. While a round is open, troop leaders can add or drop booths at will. Once a round closes, booths may only be dropped, but none can be added:

  • Round Two is open and will remain so until Noon on 1/19.
  • Round Three will be from 7pm on 1/26 until the end of the sale (the last round is unlimited with no restrictions, so you can keep selecting until the sale ends, even outside of your service unit).

eBudde Technical Training Webinar

The eBudde technical training webinar last evening was recorded and is being uploaded to our YouTube site. You will be able to find that video here.

“Me and My Guy” Patch

YES, there will be a ME and MY GUY patch available.

2019 Cookie Task Group

Many of you have inquired about the cookie task for the 2019 sale, and here is what is in development to launch at the end of the 2018 Cookie Season:

  • A job description for the task group is being developed
  • How to apply to the group, and any eligibility requirements to serve
  • The survey results of all 2018 cookie members (survey to be sent at end of 2018 cookie sale)

Social Media

As a reminder, posts advertising the sale should only be on your PERSONAL page, not your business page, or ANY facebook groups.

Thank you for all that you do to make this sale amazing! If you need any assistance, please make sure you email customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org so we can handle your requests as quickly as possible!

Lemonade Stands and Cookies on the Go

As a reminder, Lemonade Stands and Cookies on the Go can be conducted from 2/17/2018-3/11/2018.

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada