2018 Week 3 Cookie Update

2018 Week 3 Cookie Update

Hello Everyone!

As we enter into week 3 of sales (and our final booth selection round), I want to update everyone with some helpful information!

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, January 26 @ 7:00 pm: Final Round of Booth Selections – In this round you are able to pick outside of your Service Unit and you are not limited by numbers.
  • 2018 Initial Cookie Order:
    • Tuesday, January 30 @ 11:59 pm: Troop orders are due – Troop leaders, please make sure that your initial order is in eBudde and is submitted BEFORE this deadline.
    • Wednesday, February 1 @ 11:59 pm: Service Unit initial orders are due – Service Unit Product Managers, please make sure that all of the troops in your Service Unit have submitted their orders BEFORE this deadline.

New Booth Locations for Round 3

After a great series of discussion with Vons corporate, we are proud to announce that all remaining Vons locations will be uploaded and in the system for Round 3! Also, moving forward, Vons locations will be secured with blanket approval each year and we will no longer need to collect cookie booth authorizations store-by-store. This is the greatly improved process they follow in Arizona and we are excited to mirror our sister council here in Southern Nevada!

In other exciting booth news, we are still adding a ton of booths for Round 3, including some really unique, new, booth locations (hint: one might have to do with a monthly art festival in downtown)!

Placing Re-Orders

We have been working with our new Delivery Agent, Berger Allied Moving and Storage, on the logistics of placing re-orders and have some great updates so you are prepared for this season!

The delivery agent location needs pending orders (re-orders) submitted in eBudde 24-business-hours in advance so they have time to prepare the order. For example, if you would like to pick-up on a Tuesday, the deadline to submit your order into eBudde would be 8:59 am on the previous Monday. The warehouse considers Saturday a business day, so if you would like to pick-up on a Monday, the deadline to submit your order into eBudde would be 8:59 am on the previous Saturday. This chart can be used as a guideline for when your order will be available:

Order Submitted Before Earliest Pick-up Day
Saturday @ 9am Monday
Monday @ 9am Tuesday
Tuesday @ 9am Wednesday
Wednesday @ 9am Thursday
Thursday @ 9am Friday
Friday @ 9am Saturday

One you pick-up your pending order (re-order), it will not be reflected in eBudde until after 5pm the following business day from pick up.

Pending Customer Service Requests

As of this moment, we have answered almost all product sales questions through Yesterday. We are on-track, and will make every effort to, answer these questions within the next business day.

As always, we are committed to your success!

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada