2018 Week 4 Cookie Update

2018 Week 4 Cookie Update

Good evening everyone,

As you know, troop initial orders are due this evening at 11:59pm PST. We have been diligently processing girl addition requests into eBudde. We believe that any requests to add girls into eBudde that we received before 5pm will be processed today. If you emailed to add a girl to your troop after 5pm (or feel that your email from earlier may not have made it to us), please follow this process to have them added:

  1. Send an email to customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org with the following information:
    • List of the girls that are missing
    • The amount of packages that need to be assigned to each girl
  2. Enter these girl’s cookie orders into the “other” section in eBudde
  3. Submit your order

Warehouse Update

As a reminder, this year the main cookie cupboard and Mega-Drop are located at our delivery agent’s warehouse. They are Berger Allied Moving & Storage located at 600 E Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89030.

We are finalizing the hours for our Mega Drop on the 2/17 with the warehouse. As soon as we confirm that the warehouse will be able to receive the number of troops we anticipate coming, we will get that loaded into eBudde so you can select this location and your time from the “Delivery” tab in the system. We are hoping to have this up no later than tomorrow morning. Until then, since you are currently¬†unable to pick a delivery time when you submit your order, do not worry, your order is still being submitted and you are able to log back in and choose a delivery time tomorrow.

Service Unit Delivery Stations

If you are a Service Unit Team member and would like a delivery station in your area, please fill out this form to let us know and we will get it entered into eBudde for the troop to select. Some key notes about running a delivery station:

  • You can restrict your station to just your service unit, but not to specific troops in your service unit
  • Once your service unit has selected their times, you can open this location up to sister service units if you choose
  • The delivery station does not have to be the same day as the Mega Drop (February 17), and can be the following week (Mon-Sat)

Seas the Day T-Shirt

We have had some questions about our wonderful troop pre-sales incentive, the Seas the Day T-shirt. If your troop qualifies, and you would like every girl in your troop to receive the shirt, every girl must have at least one package associated with her initial order. For example, if your troop average is 300+ but you know that one of your girls is only participating in booth sales (but you would still like her to have the troop t-shirt), you will need to assign at least one package to her in eBudde so the system knows that she is “active.”

If, after you have submitted your order you need to make any changes, please let your Service Unit Product Manager know so they can help you unlock your order and make any necessary changes! If you can’t get ahold of your Service Unit Product Person, please email customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org and council will be happy to help!

Vons Times

Some folks have noticed some discrepancies between various Vons locations. For this year, some locations were sourced on a location-by-location basis, and the other locations were sourced through the corporate offices. This has lead to a some different times depending on how booths were sourced. Next year, ALL Vons booths will be provided by the corporate offices and they will all have the same time based on what they are willing to provide us that year.

Thanks again for all that you do and please let me know if you have any questions!

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada