The 2018 Cookie Season Officially Begins!

The 2018 Cookie Season Officially Begins!

Good evening cookie team!

We have some exciting news and updates for you to launch the official 2018 Cookie Season!


All booths that are available for round 1 are finalized and in eBudde. This round is open now and will remain open until Noon on Monday, January 15, 2018. If there are locations that you see missing, we are either still waiting for final approval from the local store manager, or that location has declined to host us this year. If we are waiting for final approval, we will do our best to get these for round 2 on Wednesday. Any partners that decline to host us will be updated here on Cookie Corner so no one is kept waiting to see them in eBudde.

As a reminder, please do not approach any corporate booths. If you’d like to help with corporate booths, please contact me first so we can coordinate and operate as a team.


We have currently processed all of the requests for leaders to access eBudde that we’ve received before 9am this morning. If you still do not have access, please email with the subject “Troop Leader eBudde Access.” We will make these requests the highest priority so everyone can participate in round 2 of booth selections on Wednesday.

If your roster is not correct in eBudde, please send an email to with the corrections you need. To help expedite these requests, please make sure your troop roster is correct in MyGS. If it is not, please still email, but we will have to correct your roster in MyGS before we correct it in eBudde. These requests are being processed as quickly as possible, on a first-come first-serve basis, based on the time your email is received.

Social Media and the Cookie Sale:

As a reminder, while online social networking sites are a great place for teens (13 and older with parental permission) to ask for cookie orders, girls cannot sell cookies on eBay, Craigslist or ANY Facebook groups (whether they are a buy/sell group or a regular group). Also, girls under 13 can only ask on their parents personal social media account for customers to purchase cookies. Be sure girls follow the GSUSA safety guidelines for online marketing.

Digital Cookie Questions:

If you or a member of your troop still need access to Digital Cookie, we need to make sure that they are showing on your roster in eBudde first (see the above section about eBudde). The two systems are linked and dependent on one another. If your roster is correct in eBudde and someone is still having an issue accessing the system, please follow these guidelines for requesting a new registration email from Digital Cookie. If your troop member is still having issues after following those instructions, please email for assistance. As with eBudde updates, these requests are being processed as quickly as possible, on a first-come first-serve basis, based on the time your email is received.

I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work and dedication as we begin this new and exciting cookie sale. While I know this sale can be difficult and time-consuming, I want to remind everyone to try and always assume positive intent. We are all here to make sure that the girls have a fantastic experience and get the absolute most from their selling experience. As the sales continues, please remember to live by the Girl Scout Promise & Law and to continue to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada