Thursday’s Cookie Update

Thursday’s Cookie Update

Good evening everyone!

As the team works through all of your emails and phone calls, we have noticed a few repeating questions that we wanted to address for everyone here!

Cookie Booths

We know that the girls love selling in front of Vons locations and they have been a great corporate partner with us, year-over-year. This year we noticed that a more-than-usual number of stores were not returning the Cookie Booth Authorization form. When we inquired why, we were directed to contact their corporate office. After a great phone call with their office, they informed us that they would like to transition to a blanket corporate approval process for all the Vons in our area as this is the way it is done in the Phoenix market. This means that, moving forward, council will get a blanket Cookie Booth Authorization for all Vons and volunteers will not need to contact them. If fact, Vons requested that leaders avoid reaching out to individual locations so that everything can be handled by corporate. We have been told that we will have a decision sometime tomorrow, and we will let you know here when we do.

As a reminder booth locations cannot be used exclusively by any troop and they all must be shared with all troops. This can be found on page 23 of the troop cookie manual. (though the manual mentions a “lottery,” this is referring to the three round booth selection process).

Fall Sale

We have received an update on the fall incentives from our vendors. M2 Media (the magazine people) shipped their incentives on 1/16/2018. Service Unit Product Managers should expect to receive the M2 items starting on Monday. The incentive items from Ashdon Farm (the nut and candy people) are scheduled to ship by Monday at the latest. When these ship, the Service Unit Product Managers will receive an email with a tracking number for their delivery.

For Service Units without Product Managers, the fall incentives will be mailed to the council office and we will reach out to all of you to arrange pick-up. Fall incentive for Juliettes will also be sent to council for pick-up at the office. Please note that for the spring cookie sale, Service Units not having any leadership will receive assistance from their sister Service Units in leading the Juliette Service Unit group.

We also want to extend an excited congratulations to Erin of Troop 713 for winning the iPad flash contest!

Email Requests

As you know, we have received a flood of email and phone requests to update eBudde rosters, update families and troops in Digital Cookie, and other general cookie questions. Many of these requests are taking longer than expected because of a unforeseen system limitation in eBudde. We originally thought that troop rosters would be able to be updated en masse daily from our MyGS system. It turns out that these updates must be completed on a girl-by-girl basis, manually. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we process all of these requests. As of this evening, we are caught-up with all requests received before yesterday (1/17). If you feel that you’ve requested a change before yesterday, but haven’t seen it in eBudde, please email as soon as possible so the team can get that updated for you as soon as possible.

As always, I am so appreciative for all that you do to make our girls successful. Have a great evening!

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada