2018 Council Mega Drop!

2018 Council Mega Drop!

Hello Everyone!

I can not believe that Mega Drop is here! We wanted to share a few reminders and key pieces of info for everyone that is participating in the main Mega Drop.

How do I know if I am at the main Mega Drop or I do not remember what delivery station I chose?

  •  You can check your Delivery Station location by clicking on the “Delivery” tab in eBudde and looking for the location listed in the greyed-out drop down (see below). There is also a purple button that says, “View Confirmation.” If you click this button it will pop up a flyer that tells you what delivery station you chose, what time your pick up is, an overview of your order, and suggested vehicles for pick-up. You should print this page and bring it with you to pick up your cookies!

If I have an order that needs more then one car, do we all need to arrive at the same time?

  • Yes! If you are bringing multiple cars you will all need to arrive together. Troops can not pick up a portion of their order and come back for the rest.

What if I do not bring a vehicle large enough for all of my cookies?

  • Our check-in staff will evaluate your order size against the vehicle(s) you bring. If we feel that there is not enough room for your order, we will ask you to leave the line and return that day when you have enough vehicles for the entire order. To avoid confusion and inventory mistakes, partial orders will not be filled and all cookies must be picked up at once. If you do not know how many vehicles you’ll need for your order, please see page 20 in the Troop Cookie Manual.

Can we specify which cookies go in which car?

  • We load the cookies by flavor and fill up one car completely before moving to the next car in your group. If you need to divide the cookies up between cars you will need to do that off-site, after you have checked out.

Can I get out of my car and help load cookies?

  • For your safety and the safety of our warehouse staff, you must remain in your car at all times. There will be a lot of machinery and activity that day and we want everyone to get their cookies without harm.

What do I need to bring to Mega Drop?

  • When you log into eBudde click the “Delivery” tab. There will be a purple button that say “View Confirmation” if you click this button it will pop up a flyer. This flyer gives you an overview of what your troop order is by flavor. You will want to bring this with you to verify against Delivery Ticket.
  • You MUST bring your Drivers License with you!
  • You need to bring an EMPTY vehicle. Please take care to remove all trash, items, carseats, and passengers from your car before arriving. Our warehouse staff will fill each car to it’s absolute max, so ensuring the vehicle is empty will keep everyone on schedule and safe.

If I have questions at the Mega Drop who will be there to help?

  • We will have multiple Council staff members including the Leadership Team, Product Sales, and representatives from the different departments.
  • One staff member or volunteer will be assigned to each vehicle to walk next to your car(s) and count the cookies out loud as they are loaded so you know you get the correct count.

What if I cannot be there to pick up my cookies but someone else can?

  • With Mega Drop falling on a holiday weekend this year, we completely understand if you cannot make it! If you are able to have someone else pick up your cookies please fill out the Cookie Pick Up Authorization form from our website. You and the person picking up will need to sign the form and make sure that the person picking up has their Drivers License at Mega Drop.

What should I receive when I leave the Mega Drop?

  • Besides all of the amazing cookies that you will be picking up you will also be receiving a copy of the receipt that you have signed (sometimes called a DOT or BUBBLE sheet), a receipt book, and a few papers about upcoming council items.

What happens if I miss my pick up time?

  • We understand that things come up during the day, maybe you got stuck in traffic, got off work late, or even got caught in line running errands! If you miss your time on the 17th please come as soon as you can on the 17th. We will do our best to squeeze you in but you may need to wait until there is a break in the line.
  • If you miss Mega Drop entirely you will need to email customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org and we will help you make an appointment for the next available pick-up day and time.

What will the Mega Drop site look like?

  • A map of the location and the traffic flow will be provided here by tomorrow (2/13) for all of you to see.

I hope you are all looking forward to the Mega Drop as much as we are!

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada