2018 Week 5 Cookie Update

2018 Week 5 Cookie Update

Good morning team cookie!

We are ramping up for MegaDrop and I wanted to reach out with a few quick updates based on emails that we’ve received.

Booth Erros in eBudde:

As a few of you have seen, there were four booths with either duplicates or wrong times. These booths were corrected in the system last week, but we were advised at the end of the week that these corrections were not visible to troop leaders. After some testing, we were able to get these corrections published to troops late last night. If two people selected the same time and location, the people who selected second were contacted and we offered to assist in finding them replacement selections. If you are a leader in one of these locations and you were not contacted by me, then you selected first and should still have that spot in eBudde.

Booth Swaps:

Some troop leaders have seen how quickly a booth can be taken when released back into the selection system (especially if it is a high-traffic booth). Because of this, swapping booths can be challenging. If you and another troop want to swap booth locations, please email customerservice@girlscoutsnv.org so we can swap them for you and not risk losing them.

Delivery Stations:

For those of you hosting Service Unit pick-ups, we have received a few requests for information about the number of cases per pallet that will be delivered. Please check-out the following guide that will help: http://www.girlscoutsnv.org/content/dam/gssnv/documents/2017-2018%20Fall%20and%20Cookie%20Sale%20Docs/LBBCaseCountsPerPallet.pdf.

Cookie Cupboard Planned Orders (formally called “re-orders”):

A few volunteers have asked us how they get more cookies once their initial order is gone. This is great! The Cookie Cupboard will be open staring on 2/23 for troop leaders and cookie managers to place planned orders for additional cookies. These cookies need to be ordered in full cases and the delivery agent (Berger) needs them submitted in eBudde 24-business-hours in advance so they have time to prepare the order. For example, if you would like to pick-up on a Tuesday, the deadline to submit your order into eBudde would be 8:59 am on the previous Monday. The warehouse considers Saturday a business day, so if you would like to pick-up on a Monday, the deadline to submit your order into eBudde would be 8:59 am on the previous Saturday. This chart can be used as a guideline for when your order will be available:

Order Submitted Before Earliest Pick-up Day
Saturday @ 9am Monday
Monday @ 9am Tuesday
Tuesday @ 9am Wednesday
Wednesday @ 9am Thursday
Thursday @ 9am Friday
Friday @ 9am Saturday

One you pick-up your pending order (re-order), it will not be reflected in eBudde until after 5pm the following business day from pick up.

Thanks everyone!

Yours in Scouting (and cookies!),
Hilary Fuller
Director of Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada