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Capital Caravan – A trip to Carson City

Capital Caravan – A trip to Carson City

By: Kayla (Cadette)

My trip to Carson City was truly an incredible, unforgettable experience. We did so many things that I wouldn’t have ever gotten the opportunity to do and met so many amazing people. We met with the Governor, Secretary of State, senators, assembly people, congressman and many more. The one thing I noticed that all these people had in common is they all truly wanted to do whatever they could to help make the state of Nevada a better place.

Carson City was very different from Las Vegas. When I first got to Carson City there was a thrill and excitement of being in a different city.  Besides the obvious weather differences, Carson City was a more family-friendly environment compared to Las Vegas.

Not only was this trip an incredible experience but I learned how to stay away from home for an extended period of time in a safe, trusted environment. I got the opportunity to do and see things that many citizens of Nevada don’t usually get the opportunity to see. I also was able to meet other Girl Scouts.  This was just another amazing experience I was able to have through the Girl Scouts.