Important Message from Helen Wronski

Good afternoon, my Girl Scout family. As a result of Friday’s ACH error, my heart is breaking because I know of the disruption, disappointment, and failure of trust that you must feel towards the Council staff and towards me, your Interim CEO. I am saddened to tell you that this was indeed a human error on our part and be assured that this aspect will be addressed in the days to come. As a representative of GSUSA in Southern Nevada for the past 18 months, words cannot express my deep apologies for this egregious error.    

What happened:

The first ACH on March 2, 2018 went through successfully. The second ACH on March 16th went through successfully, however the results were not accurately loaded into eBudde. As a consequence, twice the amount was swept from accounts in error. 

When we became aware of this early Friday morning, we immediately reversed the ACH. All funds from the third ACH will be returned to your account on Monday, March 26th. Any fees incurred to your Troop as a result of our mistake will be fully reimbursed.

Next steps:

We will be reinstating the corrected sweep on Wednesday, March 28th.

If you’ve incurred any overdraft fees, please complete this form no later than Thursday, April 5th at noon.

We will credit back fees on Friday, April 6th.

Looking forward:

As I prepare to onboard a new CEO, have confidence that the lessons learned during this cookie season are well documented and will be reviewed in detail with our new CEO. And I further commit to you that we will have a plan in place to assure that you, our volunteers, will have a voice in planning and executing the 2019 cookie program. Look for a cookie survey in your email this week and the formation of the 2019 Cookie Committee to come. 

For now, on this Saturday, my focus is on you our volunteers, leaders, and parents. I know that we are blessed to have your time and talents to assist us in carrying out our Girl Scout movement. 

Once again, I offer my sincerest apologies and can only hope that you accept my apology in the spirit of Girl Scout sisterhood. I would welcome hearing from you directly.  

Always your sister in Girl Scouts,

Helen Wronski

Interim CEO

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada


2/24/18 Cookie Updates

Good Morning GSSNV members!

  • A couple of express updates for all of you. To put some perspective on the booths, we have a total of 127 unique cookie booth sites this weekend-Fri-Sun, with now about 10 reported issues as of this morning, (which are 10 too many!)  Thank you, Vanessa Wagoner, for your expert assistance!
  1. Walmart-Serene OK as of 2/24/18, 9am
  2. Walmart-American Pacific OK, as of 2/24/18, 9am
  3. Walmart-Cheyenne & 215 OK, but we are verifying that all shift managers have information from store manager
  4. Sams-Craig No for some days, but ok for 3/2 and 3/11 (we are contacting                                                                                 troops affected this morning, to relocate to another fabulous location)
  5. Vons OK, Letter available on cookie corner, corporate just added to their calendar which they haven’t done before this am.
  6. Smith’s OK, be sure you have authorization letter (on cookie corner)
  7. Smart & Final, W. Craig Contacting store manager
  8. Centennial YMCA Contacting store manager
  9. 7-11 W. Craig Ok, as of 2/24/18 9:20am
  10. 7-11 Town Center OK, as of 2/24/18 10am; we are sending them follow-up information.
  • The cookie hotline is active, and we are here to answer any booth questions by calling:

Cookie after-hours Hotline


  • We know that we have questions in the customer service online system, a total of 59 this morning. Brian and Tina are in the office answering those questions and we will not leave today until all of these customer inquiries are responded to by our staff.
  • ACH-1st Withdrawal (35% of initial order and withdrawal will be adjusted down for any digital cookie sales) is this Friday, March 2, 2018. Updates on steps and process will be posted several times throughout the week on member services and cookie corner.
  • PLEASE use and only trust the electronic version of the cookie manual on the website under cookie corner, as the written copy has outdated information since being printed in early January 2018.
  • Damaged Cookies, Troops please let warehouse know how many packages, so they can confirm they can exchange before you drive out to the warehouse to exchange, and for customers or you personally with packages damaged, call 1-800 number on box of cookies.
  • Just a reminder that Tina Cordero, is the Product Sales Manager ( until Hilary returns which we expect sometime in late summer from her surgery and recovery. All of Hilary’s emails are now directed toward Tina, and she is in this weekend answering those and the customer service que along with other members of our staff.
  • Finally, for today, we have an order on the way from CA of 2 designated trucks of cookies, including toffee and s’mores. Last year we sold 300 cases of gluten free cookies, and this year, we are at 4,000 cases and climbing.

The importance of designated trucks is that there are no stops along the way, they come directly from CA to us at Berger.  We expect early this week, and once notified we will have the 8 troops that were shorted on their initial order receive their cookies, and then open for reorders.  We ordered a substantial number of cookies so there should be no further issues.

Let’s continue to support one another as we have over the past few days and see you around this weekend as part of the surprise squad!   Most important, thank you for everything you do and in helping build strong leaders for our future.

Always a sister Girl Scout,

Helen Wronski, Interim CEO

Announcement from the CEO

Announcement from the CEO

Going forward, as of the posting of this message, we will be utilizing the GSSNV Member Support only for member-to-member, troop or girl sharing, until the group is phased out on March 22, 2018. We understand that the group led solely by volunteers, is available for you to join immediately. We recommend for member-to-member or troop-to-troop sharing, that you request to join this group.

Any questions, concerns or ideas for GSSNV council staff, including those to the CEO, to answer on any operational issue must be submitted through

The way in which we have been doing business on this page to handle individual issues, is not working and is not sustainable, and as such has led to a level of discourse on this site which is routinely not in keeping with the spirit of the Girl Scout Promise nor Law. In addition, many of your questions are often embedded in a 30-50 or more, comment thread under one post requiring additional time to discover your questions.

In the future, if we see several cases come in to customer service for an issue, we can then communicate back in an orderly and complete fashion to everyone. Everyone will have the opportunity to then see the same response to a question at the same time. More importantly, the system allows us to document your emails and calls, and to manage the case notes from one staff member to another.