Announcement from the CEO

Announcement from the CEO

Going forward, as of the posting of this message, we will be utilizing the GSSNV Member Support only for member-to-member, troop or girl sharing, until the group is phased out on March 22, 2018. We understand that the group led solely by volunteers, is available for you to join immediately. We recommend for member-to-member or troop-to-troop sharing, that you request to join this group.

Any questions, concerns or ideas for GSSNV council staff, including those to the CEO, to answer on any operational issue must be submitted through

The way in which we have been doing business on this page to handle individual issues, is not working and is not sustainable, and as such has led to a level of discourse on this site which is routinely not in keeping with the spirit of the Girl Scout Promise nor Law. In addition, many of your questions are often embedded in a 30-50 or more, comment thread under one post requiring additional time to discover your questions.

In the future, if we see several cases come in to customer service for an issue, we can then communicate back in an orderly and complete fashion to everyone. Everyone will have the opportunity to then see the same response to a question at the same time. More importantly, the system allows us to document your emails and calls, and to manage the case notes from one staff member to another.

Upgrade to GSSNV Facebook Accounts

As was announced in a June 2 post to the private “Troop Services” group on Facebook, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada is in the process of upgrading all of our Facebook accounts in an effort to provide better customer service, enhanced security, and improved communication to our members. We would love to take a moment and explain in a little more detail what will be changing, why it is being changed, and what it will mean for all of our valuable members.

Why now?

As was touched on in the June 2nd post, Facebook is sunsetting groups as they were originally designed; this is especially true for businesses. Groups were originally designed for individuals with a shared interest to share and communicate together in a single location. They were never intended for businesses to use them as a support channel. GSSNV has been receiving increasing pressure from Facebook to stop using the “Troop Services” group as a support channel, but we didn’t have a viable replacement until now. With the recent launch of new Facebook for Business platform, businesses can now create internal accounts for employees to monitor business related pages. They have also finally allowed for business pages to be members of “support” and “community” groups as long as they are a subsidiary of a business’ page.

What does this mean for the members?

Shortly before August 1, a new business friendly support group called “GSSNV Member Support” will be created as a subsidiary of the main Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Facebook Page ( This will be a private group only available to those with current Girl Scout memberships (just as the Troop Services group is now). Our newly created customer care team will be monitoring it regularly during business hours and will be able to respond to questions within one business day. With this transition on August 1, the original “Troop Services” group will be shut down and deleted.

The safety and security of our girls and members is always our highest priority. At this time, we cannot verify definitively that all 800+ current members of the group are active Girl Scout members. With all of the historic and legacy information in the group, it has been decided that it will be safer for all members if this group is completely deleted and a new group created in it’s stead. 

We completely understand that this change may be difficult. We appreciate all of your patience as we complete this transition and welcome any feedback you may have regarding this. We can be reached during business hours by phone at (702) 385-3677 or you can email us anytime at

Happy Girl Scouting!